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Villa - Detached, Spain


  • Region: Costa Del Sol

  • Price: EUR 2,950,000

  • Property Ref: R210890


Unique, brand new BUNGALOW type luxury villa, built to the highest standards and with the best materials, located in a tranquil part of Hacienda Las Chapas.


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Facts about Andorra


The principality of Andorra is located in the Pyrenees between France and Spain.
It is one of Europe's smallest independent countries with a population under 90,000 and an area of 468 km
It is not a member of the EU but has close links, using the Euro for its currency.
There are no exchange controls and banks still offer numbered accounts.
Although it has strict money laundering laws, tax evasion is not a crime.
Andorra has signed up to the OECD exchange of information and is on the
white list.

Andorra has an excellent climate with over 300 sunny days each year.
It has spectacular mountain scenery with top class skiing in the winter.
Its climate is similar to the Alps and the Tyrol, with warm summers and excellent skiing conditions during winter. A unique feature is that all valleys are free of snow almost throughout the year, enabling people to ski in the mountains and go cycling in the valleys.
Andorra's valley situated capital, Andorra la Vella is 1000m above sea level.

It is one of Europe's oldest countries founded in 1287 and independent since 1993.
Its presidency rotates between a French and Spanish Bishop for two years at a time, however this is largely symbolic.

Catalan is the official language but most Andorrans speak Spanish and some French.
Nowadays many speak English and also Portuguese.

The living costs are lower than many other European countries, with a very low sales tax on purchases and services.
Furthermore, Andorra's excellent climate gives Andorrans the highest life expectancy in the world with a remarkable average of 83.5 years.

Andorra is 2.5 hours drive from Barcelona,Toulouse and Girona airports and two hours from the recently opened airport at Lleida in Spain.
A helicopter service cuts the flying time to just 30 minutes.

Andorra is one of the top European tax havens, particulary for UK residents looking to move - but not too far away.
Andorra has no income tax, capital gains tax, or inheritance tax.
For all intents and purposes it is a NIL-TAX haven.

It is the perfect place of residence for those seeking to avoid tax burdens but at the same time increasing their quality of life with leisure activities and relaxation.
And with more money to enjoy it!






A prerequisite for the granting of a residence permit is that an applicant has a property in Andorra.

Our local partner is the leading firm in Andorra offering assistance for residence permits and establishing Andorran companies. It is also a fully licensed real estate agent offering the widest selection of residential properties in all price ranges and locations, from inexpensive one bedroom apartments to penthouses and luxury chalets.

Property purchase is relatively simple, but there are some important rules to follow.
A foreigner may buy up to two properties in their own name.
If buying a plot, its maximum size must not exceed 1000m
Larger properties are often acquired through an Andorran holding company.
Permission to buy a property currently costs 129 Euros plus a small handling fee.

The major costs of purchase are:
Property tax 4%
Notary fees between 0.5 and 1%
Agent's fees are paid by the seller.

Speculative purchase is discouraged.
A tax of 15% is imposed on any profit if the property is sold within one year of acquisition; thereafter 13% within two years and 10% within three, reducing to nil after twelve years.
This is amended more favourably if the owner has been resident for five years.






Our local partner attends to all residency application processes, from preparing the application documents to establishing contact with the relevant authorities.
They will accompany the applicant to all establishments including immigration agencies, police,
bank and medical attendant.
They also arrange the registration of the applicant's residence with the appropriate authority.
Their fee for one EU application is 3000 Euros.
In addition, the applicant will incur minor expenses for the actual application and authorised translator.


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